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May 15
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This is a contest search engine developed by dAhub.  Moderators from AnotherContestGroup curate the contests that are submitted by deviantART users.  To add your contest to this search engine, use the Contest Submission Form.  Contests submitted using this form are submitted to the Contest Directory above, the Upcoming Contests journal, and the Message Center Contest Widget


In the search field enter
to see all the contests authored by, hosted at, or submitted by dAhub

The "Author" is who wrote the contest journal.  "Hosted at" is the group the journal appears in (if it was originally submitted through a group).  "Submitted by" is the user who put the contest into the directory

to see how the contest… appears in the search results.  The number is the deviation id of the journal found at the end of the journal URL and in the :thumb: code

Use double quotation marks like
"as the"
to see all results where the word 'as' and 'the' occur sequentially

Starting a search with a dash
will remove all results that contain the keyword 'limit'

You can enter text in the search field, press enter, use the left and right arrow keys to navigate through the results and then press the 'backspace' key to modify the text in the search field

The results are ordered by the deadline.  Those about to expire are listed first.

The results are limited to the first 24 records.  To see more results using the same search, increase the "Deadline after" date


The search engine only lists contests once they have been approved by an AnotherContestGroup moderator. AnotherContestGroup moderators will leave a comment on each contest journal as they are approved in order to notify the contest host that their contest has been listed in the directory.

If a contest is approved by an AnotherContestGroup moderator and then the original poster edits the contest listing, the contest must be re-approved by an AnotherContestGroup moderator before it will appear in the results again

Only an AnotherContestGroup moderator, the original contest journal author, or the user who submitted the contest to the directory may edit the contents of that contest in the directory

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: what is the deadline before vs deadline after mean?
Answer: Entering dates into these fields restricts the results to just contests that have deadlines after, before, or strictly between the given dates.  If you only want to see contests that end at least one week from now, click the "+ Week" button in the "Deadline After" section.  If you only want to see contests that will end within the next 8 weeks, click the "+ Week" button in the "Deadline Before" section 8 times.

Question: Why does it show only 24 contests per search?
Answer: It was a design decision to limit the lag when loading queries that have a lot of results.  The results are ordered by the deadline, so you can view contests past the initial 24 by increasing the "Deadline After" date
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Daily Deviation

Given 2014-07-23
Contest Directory by dAhub is a pretty handy application that allows you to search for contests within deviantART (you need to add them manually before though).
Via different settings you can filter your results and can looks for contests of your interest.

Suggested by many

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